Alleged sightings of missing Scot in North County

Monastery Beach in Monterey County, the site where Kim Gordon allegedly went missing after an evening swim as reported by his son on Feb. 25. (Photo by Ken Lund)

Kim Gordon went missing in Monterey County and is to appear in court for 24 counts of rape

NORTH COUNTY — According to multiple social media posts and talk from North County residents, a presumed missing Scottish man may be in the area. He reportedly made his rounds in the communities of San Miguel, Paso Robles, and Atascadero trying to sell leftover asphalt to residents.

Kim Gordon, 54, allegedly went missing on Monday, Feb. 25, after swimming on Monastery beach in Carmel in Monterey County. According to officials his 17-year-old son, made a 911 call and said that his father went swimming in the dark but never came back.

After an extensive search by the Monterey County dive team, they found no evidence of Gordon.

When Monterey County officials interviewed the son, “The story we were given by the son, you can’t answer those questions and that's where it all starts to fall apart. So that's what led to where we are today and why we think what we think,” said John Thornburg with the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s Office stated that Gordon may have staged his disappearance.

Officials then found that Scottish authorities were looking for him. Gordon who is listed as Kim Vincent on Scottish court records is due to present to the Edinburgh High Court on March 11 for 24 counts of rape.

“But as we dug deeper and as the deputies started looking into it and with the assistance of detectives from the Sheriff's Office, it started to crumble and fall apart and it looks like he is trying to avoid prosecution out of Scotland,” added Thornburg.

Gordon's son was eventually reunited with family and is now back home in Inverness, Scotland, but can face charges here in California if he provided a false report regarding his father's disappearance.

Earlier this week, multiple social media accounts were buzzing about a strange Scottish man trying to sell them asphalt or to seal coat their driveways. The first posts seemed to start at San Miguel, and then various posts appeared in Paso Robles, with more posts in Atascadero on March 4. It was reported that he was driving a brown Toyota Tundra pickup truck,

and traveling with another man, who allegedly has a British accent. Allegedly they had no asphalt with them. The timing of them wanting to work on residents’ driveways is strange, as due to all of the rain and the temperature is not right to cure the asphalt properly.

Paso Robles Police Department Cmdr. Stephen Lampe said, “We have had a few reports of this and had an officer investigate. As of now, we do not believe our reports are of the missing/wanted individual from Monterey. It appears as if the subjects responsible for our reports were staying at a local hotel and have moved on.“

Monterey County Sheriff's deputies and the US Marshall’s Office are looking for Gordon and have been following leads after his alleged disappearance. If you think you have seen him, contact law enforcement.


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